I have loved sculpting & painting from very early on, I have fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my Mum, crafting, drawing and sculpting. This practice connects me back to my childhood days.

Through my life’s journey as a professional athlete and advertising creative I have always sculpted, illustrated and painted.

I’m a Toronto / Canada based artist. My passion for cooking, healthy eating and living directed my creative process to sculpting fruits, vegetables and favourite foods. My 12th scale artwork portrays realistic familiar visuals in an unexpected way. These edible subjects are often smaller than a dime.

It makes me happy when I see the disbelief, joy and excitement of people of all ages when they see my work for the first time. I have achieved my goal if I can make only one person’s day a bit better and bring a (small) moment of joy into their life. With my art I hope to inspire people to make conscious food choices, eat healthy, enjoy …. and feel happy.

I sculpt with polymer clay, I find it to be very versatile and especially suited for creating very fine and detailed art work. I first sculpt the miniature fruits, vegetables, foods, and then build the set or scene I photograph them in. The supporting materials I use for miniature scene and props creation include wood, fabric, metal, glass and plastic.

I am also known for my life-size realistic fruit, vegetable and food models which I sculpt specifically for photography and film. My models have been used in various advertising and packaging, stills and motion. My background and experience as an art director on food helps me see the fine nuances of real food and how the camera will perceive the models.